Cupcakes and Cash…

I haven’t posted a daily buzz-worthy mention in a while. And it is NOT because I haven’t stumbled, found, or partaken in a million since the last post. Truth be told, the buzz machine is a little slow these days… But in honor of the deliciousness that is Friday, WOO HOO, I have to mention something I saw on Today Show, this morning.

La based company, Sprinkles will be opening an atm machine… for cupcakes. Yes, that’s right, cupcakes.

the aptly designed PINK machine will dispense cupcakes, treats, and cake mixes making it not only the first automated machine of it’s kind, but also one of the most dangerous pieces of machinery to ever grace the universe.

Think about the possibilities. I’m picturing the 2 am line now; pregnant women at the height of a craving, stoners, and just all around gluttons for punishment… and of course, me, the next time I get to Los Angeles….

No word yet on all the particulars, and when this little oddity will emerge, but when it does, sweet teeth all over will hear it’s calling.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world, and apparently also a very sweet one.

Click here for

Pretty in Pink ~

For more info on the new endeavors, click here 


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