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FaBEElous fall prediction #1: A Penny for your Thoughts.. penny loafer heels

In last week’s IFB picked post on upcoming trends, and spotting them, I alluded to the resurgence of the penny loafer, updated with a heel for 2011. This fall, the penny loafer is everywhere, but now she’s all grown up,  … Continue reading

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FaBEElous fall 11 Prediction- # 3: In the Pipeline- Black and White Piping Accents

Last week I wrote a post on trend-setters, both those acclaimed, and self proclaimed, which got picked as a feature of the week by IFB! (still finishing off my shameless plugs of this exciting news..) I followed it with my … Continue reading

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A little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone….

Today is an exciting day for Style island. My itty bitty baby took her first step today- My self deprecating (DUH!) post earlier this week on trend-setters, and upcoming trends was picked by IFB (Independent Fashion bloggers) as one of … Continue reading

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5 Fa-BEE-lous Fall ’11 predictions to watch

In keeping of the theme of trends, and trend spotting today, I am following up my earlier story with a quick roundup of my first Fall ’11 forecast report. It’s still Summer and all of us are hoping August lasts a … Continue reading

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I’ll be on your side forever more… That’s what Trends are for- A sixth sense of style

Those who know me, really know me, know that it’s not every day that I walk around giving myself props. In fact, it never happens. Those who don’t know me as well seem to sometimes comment that I seem confident. … Continue reading

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