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The Daily Buzz ~ Dated Tees~ T shirts for the Sarcastic City Single

I recently opened my brand new t shirt shop on Skreened.com, and since then, I can’t sleep, as visions of humorous sayings, and plays on words dance in my head. It’s one thing to be a sarcastic single; something that … Continue reading

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How much do I Know Thee, let me count the ways OR Carnal Knowledge…

Recently I overheard a couple’s conversation behind me in  Starbucks. It went a little something like this. Guy– “Oh no, nooo, I don’t want the raisin bread” Girl– “Aww how the hell did u know what I was loolking at … Continue reading

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With this Update, I thee wed…. The state of facebook and relationships

For our 6 month anniversary, my boyfriend and I jokingly accepted each other’s friend request. This seems crazy, but this is the tamest way I’ve seen it done. Sitting down strategically at the dining room table, like a business transaction, with stipulations such … Continue reading

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BEE F. F.’s — The scales of FriendSHIP… and the Friendship vs the relationship

Friendships can be hard. Relationships can be even harder. But if you truly value your girl friendships as integral to your life as the man that is, or might be in your life, then maintaining them should take just as … Continue reading

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