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Escape from New York – part III- The Way to a Travelers heart is through her Stomach

During my summer vacation with my sister friend and fellow ginger to Istanbul, Mykonos and Santorini, we got into a lot of adventures. Some I’ve talked about here, and some I haven’t, (not for nyc ears, after all), but one … Continue reading

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Escape from New York – Part I – Sisterhood of the Traveling red-heads

When I went on my trip to Turkey, and Greece in early July I learned a lot about myself, although most of it was in retrospect. I learned that me and my friend Ali actually travel really well together, and … Continue reading

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Buzzed is back… Thursday, 7/21/11

Why is it every single year it is the SAME THING- new stories are abound with “killer heatwave” headlines, and ooooh, isn’t this crazy, 4 days in a row are 90 degrees, the city is in a standstill…. Um it’s … Continue reading

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Permanent Vacation

Zigzagging in between traffic this morning, in my 100 meter dash from the subway entrance, to the familiar door on 40th and Broadway, it finally hit me after a full 48 hours fresh on the island… I was officially back. … Continue reading

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Have Passport, Will travel….

I used to think, “We’ll always have Paris“… But today, I take it back. I won’t always have Paris. In fact, I have disowned France completely, and the airline named after it.We are are very bad terms right now, me … Continue reading

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