About A Bee

People Tend To Ignore the Strange and Unusual. I myself am, Strange and Unusual — Winona Ryder- Beetlejuice 

Bee~ I’m a Born and Bred Manhattanite that after 31 years has made peace with 2 things; my hair color (red naturally), and my name, Blake.

I have an obsession with  Cafe Des Flores, Jean Paul Belmondo, and all things parisian. Monogramming EVERYTHING, Starbucks Venti skim Lattes, Murder She Wrote and Columbo mystery shows, tea sandwiches, sour belts, the newest issue of Vogue magazine. 

What else, lets see…

Favorite Drink; St Germain and champagne

Style Icons; Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, Jean Seberg in Breathless, Carrie Bradshaw, and my mother.

Favorite Movies; Breakfast at Tiffanys. Last year at Marienbad. Laura.  

Dream Desintation; Maldives. I dream of being in a hotel room over the water, with a glass floor.  

Favorite City other then New York City; Paris


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