About Style Island

Style island was born from a love of the city I grew up in, Manhattan, mixed with my instinctual passion for all things fashionable and stylistic. A desire to get my words and ideas down on paper. A way to express myself. And a woody allen like homage to the city, and island I love so dearly, expressed through a series of images, ideas, and most of all, writings and stories.

Fashion is just the clothes you wear, but style is a state of mind, and what you do with those clothes. In that same vein, Style Island is less about just simply listing trendy fashion items of today and tagging them. It’s about what goes on underneath that.. metaphorically speaking of course.  You’ll need more then just a designer label on your back to make it in this city. (But sometimes it doesn’t hurt….)

Style Island has been featured in:

Joe Zee’s All on the Line episode with Nicole Miller. My 15 seconds of reality tv fame!

IFB’s weekly roundup of links;  a manifesto on style, as well as  hunger games style post                                                                                                                                                      and in the top ten of their weekly IFB project several times, #8, thoughts on the bff, #26 end of year wrap up, # 46 in honor of mom.

Bluefly blog, FlyandMighty

Astonish Magazine; fashion week event, H&M fashion Star event on AstonishWorld 

Manifold Magazine. ; My weekly Beefive featured content 

Weekly Roundup on Polyvore Blog

Spotlighted on Polyvore Blog

A Member of the Lucky Community at Lucky Magazine 

Style Island was also picked in 2011 as one of Duane Reades 20 VIP bloggers, and is proud to be called a Duane Reade blogger and brand ambassador

To work with me, or contribute to Style Island, please email me at stylisland@gmail.com

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