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Whats the story, Morning Glory? My 5 steps to Skin Success every Single day

Step 1- Clinique Liquid Facial Mild cleansing Lotion has been my go to for years, and I still keep going back., $16.50 step 2- Jergens Natural glow facial moisturizer in medium, this particular model is literally impossible to find … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Nail ~ The Ultimate Girls Night In with Sally Hansen w/ Polka Dots, Pastels & Pink Hearts…

No matter what type of woman you are there are some things that translate on all levels and that is the beauty routine. Whether it entails a 3 step skin care program, multiple products or just a bar of soap … Continue reading

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The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the TOOTH ~ Prime Time Smile at Duane Reade takes teeth whitening to the next level

If you follow Style Island, then you know that in addition to everything else we cover; style, new fashion, beauty, restaurants, trends, etc, that a big focus is the city that this all happens in. The island of Manhattan, or … Continue reading

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The Kissing Game~ or How to Be Totally #Kissable

The Kissing Game by styleisland on Polyvore There are 3 words you can say to any girl, and she’ll likely immediately recognize what you are talking about, leading to conversing briefly on the topic. Those three words; Boiler room episode. … Continue reading

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