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Something Wicker This Way Comes….

There are always a few things about a person that don’t necessarily match her personality. A few little quirks, that don’t make sense, and yet still, help MAKE up the person. I have had a long running love affair that … Continue reading

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You See Right through Me…

When dealing with real life friends, spouses, significant others and family, no one wants to seem transparent. The phrase, I can “see right through you”, is not usually a positive connotation, and usually that means you are either easy to … Continue reading

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And now, A Short Story…

It took years and years, and a few more  after that for me to ever feel comfortable wearing shorts in any setting that did NOT include water, towels and sand. I never liked my legs, and with having so many … Continue reading

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These Shoes were Made for Walking, and That’s Just What they’ll Do…. Shoe trend of spring ’11- The Flatform

We all watch through the years as our individual style changes, expands and evolves, much like our personalities, values, and fashions. I’ve also watched my feet evolve. Much like the diagrams we used to see in school that scrappily sketched … Continue reading

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