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Jean Pool – 5 Ways to Wear your Denim this Summer

As creative types we tend to get the lucky end of the stick when it comes to office dressing. I’ve never had to wear a suit to the office, nor would I want to. And from the chicest fashion lines … Continue reading

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I heart Valentines Day and IFB

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and with that comes, gift ideas, valentines day fashion, ways to celebrate, food options, and… a million and one ways to be creative with all of them. What else does it bring? really FUN IFB … Continue reading

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The Kissing Game~ or How to Be Totally #Kissable

The Kissing Game by styleisland on Polyvore There are 3 words you can say to any girl, and she’ll likely immediately recognize what you are talking about, leading to conversing briefly on the topic. Those three words; Boiler room episode. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Year ~ Why 2012 rocked my world, blog, and Island……..

IFB recently posed their annual question to me in their project # 75 ; what would a year retrospective of my life look life? This was a big year for me. It started with a breakup, and a new love, … Continue reading

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Miu Mius, Midnight and Manhattan

Something happens to the island after dark. Yes, the characters are all the same, and the plot lines don’t differ that much from the day-time, but something happens to that play when the curtain goes down. Manhattan has many acts, … Continue reading

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Don’t Sweat the Fall Stuff… or What makes Fall the most fashionable, favorite season on the Island

Ella Fitzgerald said it best;’ Autumn in new york, The gleaming rooftops at sundown, Oh, autumn in new york, It lifts you up when you run down’. She sang of glittering crowds, the promise of new love, and oh, that … Continue reading

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IFB project #46: My Mom, the Hero-Style Parallels from Mother to Daughter…..

When I saw this week’s IFB project, I felt an overwhelming mix of emotions thinking about how I would write it. The topic is relevant, the timing is appropriate with Mother’s Day just a few days away, and an introspective … Continue reading

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Peep this- Style Island was once again chosen and featured in IFB’s Weekly round up of the best links of the week. This week, my hunger for the HUNGER GAMES struck a cord, along with some other amazing bloggers as … Continue reading

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Red Herring…

This week IFB is ready to SPRING into spring with their 40th IFB project and even though as of late mother nature has been a bit schitzophrenic, like most of us, I’m already on spring mode, even if I had … Continue reading

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IFB PROJECT #37: When We Were Very Young… A Retrospective of Style

Over this past holidays one of my favorite nights wasn’t a big party, or a birthday dinner. It was a Thursday night. I had received 6 free tickets from the Komen Organization to see the off broadway play, Love, Loss … Continue reading

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