The Daily Buzz ~ Dated Tees~ T shirts for the Sarcastic City Single

dated-tees-bring-the-banter.american-apparel-juniors-athletic-tee.athletic-grey.w380h440z1I recently opened my brand new t shirt shop on, and since then, I can’t sleep, as visions of humorous sayings, and plays on words dance in my head.

It’s one thing to be a sarcastic single; something that makes up a large part of this island of Manhattan, but it’s quite another to play one on t.v. And if not on t.v., then at least on the T part.

I am obsessed with t shirts. And though I’m far from it now, I used to know a thing or two about being a single, and still know a thing or two about being sarcastic. Now, I have found a way to mix both in my new t-shirt line, Dated.

Every shirt contains a quote that I have either heard a friend say, heard that a friend’s friend said, or said myself. Or at least, what we were thinking…..

Now you can keep your thoughts to yourself, but still share them with the world.

Prices range from $20 to $50 and come in a variety of colors. Please check out my other styles as well also featured in my Skreened Shop.


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Walk the Line with Align ~ Testing the Pros of a P&G Probiotic & the Road to Digestive Health

  • I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®  I tested the P&G probiotic supplement, Align for 2 weeks and studied the results. 

When I started working with and testing out the Align probiotic, a Proctor & Gamble product, I was struck by how, in the past, digestive health was more of a dirty word. Gastro, Gastrointestinal tract, probiotic, these were words that tended to stay behind closed doors, and issues that either were suffered in silence, or suffered in private. At my first job, a older colleague (I say this, now, actually at her age), would complain every day of stomach pains, bloating, and an overall uneasy feeling. She would consistently hold her tummy, wince, and self diagnose herself with I.B.S, pregnancy, or whatever particular key word she had typed into WebMD that day. She would visit doctors, practice different diets, but still the complaining and uneasiness wore on, unlike my patience, which did quite the opposite.

I haven’t worked with her for six years now, but I was reminded of her in this last year, when I started having my own issues, and found myself self diagnosing in much the same way. I never hit the extremes that I, myself, witnessed, but I did feel a certain unrest. Uneasiness after I ate a big meal, or the feeling that I couldn’t always enjoy food and drink the way I really wanted, in fear of how I would feel afterwards. Just the perils of growing up? A heightened sensitivity to food? Or was it all in my head? Was the everyday stress I put on my mind making the move to my body?

In today’s time, we practice the universal art of self diagnosis, but we also self medicate, and everyone has their own preferred method, whether it’s the aforementioned, notorious WedMD, holistic measures, or over the counter. And in that same vein, things that tended to stay behind closed doors are very much public. The door has opened, the rug has been checked for things swept under it, and rather then hiding from that which ails us, we talk about it, we publicize it, and we try to fix it.

Jamie Lee Curtis is on the tv every single day telling us about her own issues with digestive health and how she can help us, and women’s bellies have cartoon faces drawn on them to symbolize their own personal “unrest”. With this wave of openness, I am faced with deciding whether I join the party, or continue to google, test, and wonder behind closed doors. That decision was made for me after Duane Reade sent me to try out the Align Brand, test it out, and share my experiences.

Align Probiotic is a daily probiotic supplement, taken once a day to help maintain a healthy, digestive balance. On the shelf, it literally stands out from it’s competitors; that bright yellow and orange box which almost jumps off the shelf right into my basket. Besides being touted as the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic, it also stands out for it’s ingredients, containing Bifantis, which is a natural, and pure probiotic strain. Though other products offer a road towards digestive bliss, none carry the Bifantis strain, which only further catapults the brand into a ‘shelf’ or league of its own.

Align comes with a four week supply, in four separate discs that have the pre-designated days of the week on them. This may seem like a small detail, but for me, it’s actually quite helpful. As someone who takes several daily medications, and enjoys the old lady art of shuffling them into my one a day pill box, these separate pre noted discs may take the fun out of that activity, but it also makes every am that much easier.

So, just like my morning cup of coffee, getting on my laptop for the day of work ahead, and writing down my goals and to-do list, Align becomes an engrained part of my daily morning ritual. And like most daily rituals, at first I pay no attention, simply popping the pill like a learned, second nature, day to day.

When I go away for the holiday weekend, I make sure to take Align, as I know the weekend will include lots of barbecue, potato salad, and drinking, and though I am ready,  I’m not sure my stomach shares the sentiment. But, even though I haven’t necessarily noticed any difference in that first week of taking the new supplement, I realize, something has changed. I ate a lot. I mixed a lot of that eating with drinking; wine, margarita, turkey burgers, macaroni salad. And yet…

Minus the full details of what could and had potentially occurred after I permitted myself huge meals in the past, all I can say is that those details suddenly seemed a moot point. The fear of feeling bloated and ridiculously full, even after a small snack, or meal seemed to have greatly dissipated, and I felt a wave of relief, and calm come over me. In a weird way, I almost missed that feeling, for no other reason then I knew it. But this feeling of calmness, this was foreign.

By week two, I felt smaller, a little literally, but more mentally, and I also felt a sense of calm. And though the journaling period was over, my daily routine with Align will not commence. I have two full weeks left of the 4 week supply, and I intend to see it through to the end. Digestive health is not simply the act of taking a morning pill. For a real change, a healthy lifestyle, some exercise, diet changes, and time to yourself is necessary to engrave into your daily life. But adding Align to that daily routine can help you to see towards the road of healthy happiness. For me, in only two weeks, it showed me that there is a light shining at the end of that road. A light in the form of a big bright, yellow and orange box.

For more on this story in pictures, check out my Google Plus Story 

Check out the Proctor & Gamble website to see more on Align, and their other great products, as well as healthy tips, specials and coupons, for a healthier lifestyle.




My Morning Ritual

My Morning Ritual

Taking Align Along for the Weekend

Taking Align Along for the Weekend (Bag, Thursday Friday

2 week mark- feeling holly go LIGHTLY...

2 week mark- feeling holly go LIGHTLY...

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Soft Serve…


The weather is FINALLY starting to really heat up in the CITY, and soon I won’t be even able to wear short sleeves or big hats without sweating to death, but while there’s still a breeze in the air, I’ll get out my last bits wearing out the Hat in Manhattan. Plus, Old Navy was having an amazing sale on these super soft tees, so I had to take advantage. They’re so worn in soft, it feels like you’ve had them for years, and at these prices, you can afford to pick up a few of your fave colors. I love how easily the greys and blues go with everything. Old NavyHere, $8.0o


The Hat, H&M, is no longer available, but you can buy an almost identical one at Miss Selfridges here 

Yellow Maxi skirt, H&M. Very Similar at YES STYLE here

Sequin bow open toe flats, Kate Spade from Gilt, no longer available. Shop Kate Spade Shoes here 

DSC_0350Ever since I was ‘lucky‘ enough to meet the lovely Julie Vos at Lucky Fabb, I’ve been totally obsessed with this amazing, chunky gold necklace that they were nice enough to give a new home, with me. I’ve worn it dressed up, but I also just love the simplicity of wearing it with a simple, soft tee. Check out this necklace, and more at Julie Vos 

All photography by John Turck 

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Weekend Buzz Bites~ 5 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend

1. See a movie. You might as well because it’s going to rain, so your chances of hitting the beach are almost nil. But you can grab a jumbo popcorn, a soda outside at Duane Reade (Come on, $8?)and hit up the theaters. Per Usual, since it’s May, there’s no shortage of Summer blockbusters, like Ironman 3, Star Trek, and coming out today, Hangover 3.

2. Go Shopping. H&M is offering 20% off any item. Sole Society is having a 25 % off sale. Ted Baker is having a special Memorial Day Sale with 30% off through Monday. Lucky Magazine also gives you a guide to the best deals of the weekend here.

3. Bring a little culture into your life, and check out some art exhibits. My Buzzings right now are James Nares at the Met, and the hot Punk: Chaos to couture

4. Get off the island. There’s vacations, staycations, and minications. Whichever your choice, hit the road this weekend. I’ll be out in West Hampton for a low key, YET still off the island memorial day. Check out Time Out’s Guide, and book a last minute getaway now.

5. Vacation Inside. Sometimes the most fun you can have, is inside the 4 walls that surround you. Especially on a rainy, gloomy Saturday, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be then snuggled up with takeout, a movie, and the comfort of my own indoors. So this supposedly not to be nice holiday weekend, order, hit the Netflix, lifetime movie marathon, whatever your preference, and call upon your hubby, bf, gay best friend, bff, or platonic pal to join you, or even better, spend some quality time with yourself.

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Island Trend Report S/S 13 ~ Man of Steal~ Superman Leaps into Summer

As usual, certain obsessions of mine, that I’ve spent years keeping quiet or subtle, are thrust back into the eye of the masses, in turn making my quiet obsessions allowable and acceptable in society. That being said, why should I keep my love of Superman secret dammit? Especially when he’s bigger and better then ever, as the highly anticipated Man of Steel hits theaters this summer. It’s high on my list of To-Do’s, but though I have high hopes for the remake, my heart will always remain true to the Christopher Reeve Series.

It’s in that spirit, that I had to feature the Man of Steel himself in my new T-shirt Shop newly launched on Check out my soft gray tank featuring Superman Art on the front, and his alter ego, Clark on the back. It’s the perfect touch to wear to the summer blockbuster this June! Island Trend Report- Man of Steal

See through panty, $5.99

High heel shoes, $75

Man of Steel tank – $36.99

MAC Wonder Woman

Available to buy on the artists website and Etsy Page HERE 
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Mellow Yellow…




DSC_0425Neon Pleated Yellow Dress, bought on Melrose Ave, no tag $30

Army workshirt/jacket, Vintage Fiorucci, My Mother’s Closet.

B Necklace, Handmade on Broadway, Soho, Nyc

Hello Sunshine Flats, ModCloth, $40.

All Photography By John Turck 

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Island Trend Report S/S 13- Baby Got Back ~ Stylish Backpacks for Everyday

Remember way back when it used to be soooo cool to carry a Jansport. Anything else was so uncool, and wearing it on both shoulders? OMG, well this was the ultimate kiss of death! Anyone who is anyone would carry their backpack on merely one shoulder. These days the backpack seems to be relegated to dorky businessmen on bicycles, and young students. But after all these years, the season of the Back is upon us, making it once again cool to rock your belongings on your back, instead of your arm. And whether you wear one or both straps is up to you. This time around, there won’t be anyone in the halls, or classrooms waiting to pounce on you this time around. And frankly, these backpacks are so cute, how could they?

Trend Report- The Bees Knees of BackPacks

Backpack bag

Chanel vintage bag

Rucksack bag

Rocket Dog black bag
$38 –

Rucksack bag

Neon bag
$38 –

New Look buckle backpack
$46 –

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Delish City: Duane Reade & All Star Celebrity Apprentice Serve Up a Double Dose of Flavor

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. All ideas expressed and written are from my own blogger brain. 

I was glued to the Tv last night like so many other viewers, waiting to see, not only who would win the Delish Ice Cream Challenge with Duane Reade & Walgreens, but ultimately who would take the crown and become the Next “All Star Celeb Apprentice“. Both flavors; Penn Gilette’s Chocolate/Vanilla Magic Swirtle, and Trace Adkin’s Macadamia Maple Mashup were head to head in flavor, and fans, as it seemed, so it all would come down to one final episode.We watched all season as the random gathering of celebrities bickered, laughed, and sparked creativity within themselves, all vying for that title and a chance to win serious money for their respective charities. And though challenge after challenge illustrated the strengths of Marilu Henner, Lil Jon, and Lisa Rinna, in the end, it could be only two. Penn Gilette and Trace Adkins, who both exude a cool cat demeanor; Penn with his charming effervescence, and Trace, in his quiet smile.

But much like a wedding or a graduation, a buildup, or season full of challenges, and Donald ‘Trumpisms’, all culminated in one final ending, and in a flash, it was over. Trace Adkins prevailed as the new Celebrity Apprentice, with the promotional event for his  Macadamia Mash-up ice cream taking the… ahem… cake. Playing for the Red Cross, and exuding an almost subdued, yet  celebratory victory, he closes the scene on another tv season. But, although this season of Celebrity Apprentice is over, one challenge, unlike dozens of others that came before it, and will likely come after it, continues on for the viewer, and consumer.

The contestants final challenge of creating a new Ice Cream flavor with Delish Ice Cream, sold at Walgreens & Duane Reade, allowed viewers  to put themselves in the action, not only as tasters, but as voters, and consumers. And although this final task was based upon the best sales, and not Donald’s personal favorite, letting people take a virtual spin at making those kinds of decisions can make people feel important, and powerful.

This was evident when I attended the Taste Test and Meet & Greet 3 days before the finale, on Thursday, May 16th, at the massive Union Square Duane Reade. Although the winner was still a mystery to us all, what was clearly not a mystery was the allure of both of the contestants. A crowd of fans, and super fans lined up to meet the guys, get autographs, and of course, taste their ice cream flavors.

Although Trace was chosen as the latest Celebrity Apprentice, Penn’s brilliantly conceived “Magic Swirtle” actually prevailed as the best selling ice cream. Personally, after testing out both (maybe a few more times then necessary), I found it hard to even make a decision, as they both tasted great, and packed a pretty delicious punch.

Ultimately, although there could only be one All Star Celebrity Apprentice Winner, both flavors of Delish Ice Cream are victorious in providing a delicious taste, and stellar dessert. And since it’s so hard to choose, Duane Reade is making it easy for you, by offering both options for only $5. For a limited time, buy 2 Delish flavors for the price of one, and taste both contestant’s final offerings. Sounds to me like one very soft sell…. soft served, of course. 

For more on this event, and some terrific pictures check out my Google Plus Story 

The Delicious Offerings of Delish Ice Cream; Macadamia Maple Mashup & Chocolate Magic Swirtle

The Delicious Offerings of Delish Ice Cream; Macadamia Maple Mashup & Vanilla Chocolate Magic Swirtle


Check out These, and Other Great Offerings from Delish Here

Check out These, and Other Great Offerings from Delish Here

Trace and his Macadamia MashUp Mavens

Trace and his Macadamia MashUp Mavens

Penn and HIS Chocolate Magic Swirtle Scoopers

Penn and HIS Chocolate Magic Swirtle Scoopers


The Super Fans included someone going to AC for Trace's show later that week, and A giant sized Trump Doll for signing!

The Super Fans included someone going to AC for Trace’s show later that week, and A giant sized Trump Doll for signing!


All Photography by John Turck

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Style Buzz OFF: Press Your Luck ~ 4 Leaf Clover Pendant Necklaces

Style Buzz Off~ Try your Luck- 4 leaf clover pendant

Tory burch necklace, $125.00

BeeCharmer 4 Leaf Clover Pendant, $70
BeeCharmer Boutique on Etsy 

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The BeeFive~ 5/17/13~ 5 FaBEElous Weekly Obsessions

THe Beefive - 5 faBEElous Weekly Obsessions 5/17/13

1. Jo Malone’s Elderflower and Gooseberry fragrance from the limited edition Sugar and Spice Collection. Elderflower is one of the ingredients of my all time favorite drink, St Germain and champagne, so it only goes to reason that I would absorb it just as much right onto my skin, in the fragrance form. What better way to bring in the warmth that is finally, finally upon us with a new, fresh scent. $60, 

2. May I found this amazing website through a link on Pinterest, only further solidifying the fact that no matter how many bookmarks, feeds, and accounts you have, there is always something out there that you don’t know you must have. I’ve already expressed in the past my love for all things monogramming, and custom-made. May Designs is the best of both. The website offers an amazing custom process, where you get to design your book, notecard, or notebook of choice starting from inception. It begins by picking your design, with everything from chevron, to stripes, dots, to pineapples, writing out your monogram, or phrases depending on what you want, what function it will serve, and how it will look inside. Small, extra fees apply for making it a food, budget, or more specialized journal. I had a lot of fun designing my first May Book, and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can show it off. Until then….  Books start at $17

3. Layering my Necklaces. Lately, I’ve been fighting the negativity I sometimes have towards wearing multiple necklaces. This has been an age old problem, ever since I had more then a few special items I wanted to honor by daily use, only by getting teary eyed and frustrated later on when I would have to untangle, pull at, and beg them to come apart. But these are new times, and I’ve decided to try again. The key to this art form? Lengthy Measures. Wear one long, dangly one with a shorter one, or larger baubles with a daintier piece. My recent pairing, straight from my own BeeCharmer jewelry line. Sterling Silver Puffy Heart Pendant on long chain, Sterling Silver 4 Leaf Clover pendant, $70 on BeeCharmer Boutique 


4. The New Delish ice-cream at Duane Reade courtesy of the Celebrity Apprentice tv showdown between Penn Gilette and Trace Adkins. I had the opportunity to meet both and taste their ice cream this week and am currently coveting a bowl of both of the delicious flavors.But more on this later…They’re currently on sale 2 for $5, so go pick some up, and then watch the finale this Sunday on Nbc.


5. My new Joe Boxer Polka dot retro style one piece from Kmart. I got it on sale for a whopping $20, it fits perfect, and I can’t wait for the first beach day of the season!  At first, I didn’t know I how I felt about the whole 1 piece comeback craze, but somewhere in between all the hoopla, I became a believer. And I’m spreading my beliefs and here to say, it’s okay. Give it a try. I also got a cute pair of hot pink boy short bottoms on sale for only $12, perfect for mixing and matching. Buy them right here.

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