Island Trend Report S/S 13 ~ Man of Steal~ Superman Leaps into Summer

As usual, certain obsessions of mine, that I’ve spent years keeping quiet or subtle, are thrust back into the eye of the masses, in turn making my quiet obsessions allowable and acceptable in society. That being said, why should I keep my love of Superman secret dammit? Especially when he’s bigger and better then ever, as the highly anticipated Man of Steel hits theaters this summer. It’s high on my list of To-Do’s, but though I have high hopes for the remake, my heart will always remain true to the Christopher Reeve Series.

It’s in that spirit, that I had to feature the Man of Steel himself in my new T-shirt Shop newly launched on Check out my soft gray tank featuring Superman Art on the front, and his alter ego, Clark on the back. It’s the perfect touch to wear to the summer blockbuster this June! Island Trend Report- Man of Steal

See through panty, $5.99

High heel shoes, $75

Man of Steel tank – $36.99

MAC Wonder Woman

Available to buy on the artists website and Etsy Page HERE 
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