The BeeFive: 5 FaBEElous Obsessions this week~12/8/12~ Stop, COLLABORATE, and Listen! Top 5 Holiday Collaborations

1. Calypso and Susan Miller. Astrology and fashion might have more in common then you think. Beloved Astrology guru Susan Miller has teamed up w/ Calypso St Barth for a line of cashmere featuring 13 pieces that each connect to a color aura. Each piece comes w/ a color wheel that lists those corresponding personality traits, features, etc. The collection is perfectly timed with New Years, as Miller’s ideas was to pick a color so well suited to you, that it can help you achieve your new years goals. I don’t know about that, but at least you’ll look great. For more on this story, click on here.

Astrology and Fashion collaborate for holiday '12

Astrology and Fashion collaborate for holiday ’12

2. Neiman Marcus and Target. Everything that can be said about this amazing partnership, has already been said, so all that’s left to do, is shop. Check out the whole line here. I can’t wait to receive my Band of Outsiders Best Friends winter hat!


3. Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Umera. This interesting partnership has been going on for a while, and would make perfect holiday gifts. The trademark, # 1 best selling eyelash curler now comes with a cute keychain attached. Order today to receive in time for Christmas, and get free shipping on all orders over $50


4. Theory and Uniqlo. Theory is a leading label of knits, cashmere, and personally, the best fitting black trouser pants I’ve ever worn. Ever. So, exciting that they’ve linked up with uniglo, for a lower priced line perfect for holiday time. See more at here

Check out the full line by clicking here

Check out the full line by clicking here

5. Rodarte and Starbucks. My two favorite things in the world coming together; fashion and coffee. What could be better?

Tue-RodartedSbux-JustineClick to see more on the story at


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