Island Fare…. Come Home to Roost… Red Rooster Sunday Brunch

I’ve been meaning since I started Style Island, to have my own special section; like so many blogs do, of all the amazing food I get to eat, try, and even sometimes, make myself.. (though I never bragged about my cooking lets be clear).

Since that time, I’ve taken hundreds of pictures, and stalled many a meal while I lined up the perfect shot. As well as ruined the first one, and finally captured the right one, seconds before everyone either starts eating regardless, or yawns in a loud, overly obvious way as if to tell me my picture taking must stop so their eating can begin.

So I am very excited to finally start a new column solely dedicated to the art of New York City  food, or wherever my palette may take me … And whether I’m eating at the new, hip restaurant, the diner down the street, a new food truck, or my own kitchen, the island has  something that can fare well for everyone… Just another reason to love this town.

First UP- The Jazz brunch at Red Rooster in Harlem.

For those of you who have already been to these digs, you know what I mean, and to those who haven’t, take a sunday and head up to Harlem to eat an amazing brunch, while listening to jazz, amidst a chattering room beating with life and heart. The bar area resembles either a familiar living room, or a flea market find; shelves filled with eclectic books, and knick knacks, and the ambience only adds to the flavor.

Bloody Marys with all the fixins

creamy grit deliciousness


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