Buzzed/ Trend of the Day: Happy Hump Day!

Okay, so technically Hump day signifies that the work week is half over, and usually falls on a Wednesday, but today I’m celebrating Hump day on Tuesday, because today’s stinging sensation is the new trend that is … CAMELS.

This post is dedicated to one of my very close friends who is rolling with glee… (or humping with glee perhaps?), because, just as I get excited when bees take center stage, her alter ego, nickname, what have you, is.. yes, the camel.

That animal, rare in nature, unique in look, and apparently, the muse of Kate Spade’s latest Summer ’12 collection of accessories and jewelry evokes desert chic, and a  far away safari. With these belts, earrings, and bags, you can play around, while still keeping it chic, and classy, and it certainly won’t break the camel’s back, or your bank…

Click here to check out the entire collection

Camel belt- $98.00 – click here to buy

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