The Stinger~ Sunday, Bloody Sunday… True Blood is Back

New Style Island Column Alert!!!!!!!!!!

I am excited to announce that I am starting a new column in Style Island that will (hopefully) be a daily piece on one item a day that has some BITE to it!

I suppose previously it had fallen under The Daily Buzz, (where I featured items of the day), but unlike that, The Stinger will be up to date, relevant, (at least to me), and hopefully a little more exciting. And unlike a bee, this stinger won’t die right after it gets you, but it will be replaced shortly there after, so read quick, and act fast.

My first Stinger ironically, is perfect to start off this column, because it too has some bite to it.

Yes, for everyone out there as excited as me, as happy as I am for the weekend to start, and how we all wish it wouldn’t go so fast, part of me does want to fast forward to Sunday Night. Why? 2 words. True. Blood.

Because it feels like a lifetime ago already that I sat on my seat, screeching, and making a million faces a second, I will need a good, hearty recap and play back, but the fact that I get to start spending my Sunday nights again with Bill, Eric, Fucking Sookie, and of course, Alcide… mmm…  and then add Chris Meloni in, who before I even see it, seems like brilliant casting, well, it has me buzzing!

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