Love, Served all Spring…. Tennis inspiration S/S ’12

The fervor of the US Open is still months away; we have summer to contend with first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t serve up your own dose of inspiration this season.

Strong neon yellow and greens, and netted styles are influenced by the sport, and lots of brands are playing the game.

I’m reminded of my Tennis Forehand belt that I bought at H&M years and years ago, now perfectly in  harmony with the tennis inspired trends of this season.

Enter Kate Spade’s newest collection; clearly this newest trend was not lost on this line of fresh, tennis inspired and adorable handbags. Functional, yet funky, they’ll be sure to rack up some points… But whose keeping score… 

$328.00 - click here to see more on the blog, and to buy

Or Go green, and really get into the mix with the below…

$368.00 - Click here to buy

Serve up a dose of sporty fun with this Charm from my Beecharmer Line, best on a necklace, or bracelet. Chains available upon request. Sterling Silver Charm – $12.99- email me if interested @

Forehand Belt- H&M. Dress; BCBG. Vintage blue oxford over. Vintage locket

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