Buzzed/Trend of the Day.. What’s mine is yours

So technically, I’m not married yet. Okay, I’m not even close. While others become domesticated, engaged, and knocked up, I am still just… dating. You turn 30, and the word almost sounds juvenile, as if it’s something we’re supposed to outgrow..

But I’ve taken it upon myself to kind of jump the gun. I didn’t send a Tiffanys link to my boyfriend nonchalantly, and I didn’t sit him down for a nice home-made dinner-cum-timeline ultimatum. But I have, for a while had a slight obsession with Mr and Mrs emblazoned items.

I’m a strong 2011 woman and in no way conservative, (although I do somewhat secretly covet certain traditional roles) but somewhere inside of me is apparently a woman from the 50’s itching to get out. This trend hasn’t really been “big” pretty much since then, but I fell into this small obsession when I was surfing Etsy and found some Mr and Mrs pillowcases.

Our sides are very clear (sleep on the right- GASP!), so technically there is no need to designate, but with pillow cases this cute, how could I not??!!

And I start to realize that the  trend is getting more exposure then I thought, and obviously I’m not the only wacky one (although possibly the only non-married purchaser) when I found these amazing Kate Spade his and hers glasses- that I am just totally obsessed with…..

At least I’ll be ahead of the game when it is time. I call that being stylishly proactive.

Yours, Mine, and OURS - Kate Spade- @ Macys- $50 for set of 2 - click to buy

Dream a little dream for me - Pillow cases - West Elm- from $15- $17


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