BUZZED/Trend of the Day: Don’t Push My Buttons…

 (from Once upon a time in the north- click here for this blog)

Right now I am totally vibing on BIG BUTTON details; a trend reminscent of the 50’s and 60’s. They work as a charm on a long chain necklace, on an oversized chunky sweater, or even detailed on shoes. It’s a small detail that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but just adds a little bit of charm. A boring cardigan instantly seems funkier with some big buttons. The best part about this look, is that you can emulate it yourself, without actually buying a piece of clothing; just go to a nearby arts and crafts store, pick up a bunch, and then sew or link away….




For $10, this is too good to be true, found at OUTBLUSH




To Craft your own Button earrings or necklace, why not buy a lot, and then, play away…Or for the less creative, buy a ready made piece… Check out ETSY for the best variety…

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2 Responses to BUZZED/Trend of the Day: Don’t Push My Buttons…

  1. couturelust says:

    super awesome meeting you today ❤

  2. Bee15 says:

    you too honey!!! Lets connect- maybe we can meet up at the pre-blogger event, and then at IFB! : )

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