BUZZED/Trend of the Day: Don’t Lucite of Yourself…

As I have been mentioning, I plan on making a lot of changes to Style Island as the months go on, and as I’m constantly spinning with ideas, I’ve begun the 2nd of 2 new features this week. One new weekly feature is  the STYLE Buzz OFF, in which One stylish item will duel off between the Luxury Chic item, and its opponent; an inspired, equally worthy piece. Yesterday the new feature kicked off with the Sheer black maxi skirt.

The 2nd new feature of the week is not really a new concept, but now in a more organized fashion. An off -shoot of my daily/weekly column, Buzzed, this sub feature will focus on one key trend of the day. Buzzed -trend of the day will be featured weekly, or as much as daily per week, and can feature the trend in a variety of ways; the inspiration piece, item to buy, or just a mood board. I hope you like it, and as always, I welcome and encourage feedback and comments!  The first buzzed trend of the day features LUCITE, which has been strong for Spring/Summer 2011, and still around in certain guises as we head into fall.

out of LUCITE, out of Mind.

From Left: Lucite crystal clutch, Lucite clear heels, Clear eye-glasses with sequins, lucite bangle w/ sequins- ALL VINTAGE.


OR- For more inspiration, try it in your home….

With, A Little Bit of Lovely’s LUCITE LOVE

* Vintage Lucite Clutch, Shoes, and Bracelet available for purchase. Please email me at with interest, or comment on this post…

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