FaBEElous fall prediction #1: A Penny for your Thoughts.. penny loafer heels

In last week’s IFB picked post on upcoming trends, and spotting them, I alluded to the resurgence of the penny loafer, updated with a heel for 2011. This fall, the penny loafer is everywhere, but now she’s all grown up,  and teamed up with chunky cuban heels, stilettos, and even wedges. That Penny, she really gets around…..No one night stands here though, as this trend has staying power through fall, maybe even into spring. I’ll start the season off right with my Cole Haan nike air burnt orange loafer heels, which I grabbed on ebay.com back in March. But there will be no shortage, and after all, the fun is in the picking.


Complete with added penny

Bees Obsession – These hot pink satin updates to the traditional penny loafer heel are so hot, I’m sweating for them. Unfortunately, they’re sold out currently, but also available in hunter green

Biella satin high-heel loafers - J CREW - jcrew.com -$295- click here to see


Zoom Ralph Lauren Collection "Viona" Penny Loafer Pump $625.00 - Click here to see

Island Chic

MIA loafer heels- $59.00 - piperlime.com- click here to see

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