Escape From New York- part II- It’s All Greek To Me


On the beach in Mykonos, Greece

Shoes: J crew Kids. These Feet were made for Lounging, at that's just what they'll do

At our hotel- Hermes in Mykonos- By far the most amazing stay of our trip- it doesn’t get much better then this….


You're so honey, baby

Me and my new boyfriend, the Bee-keeper--- It's only logical that a Bee should date a bee-keeper, no?


Taking a piece of Kumari beach home with me

After my massage on the beach in Kumari, Santorini, I went walking by myself, collecting cool rocks, and some beach glass. It made me reminisce and yearn for the days when I was just a little thing with a flaming red afro, combing the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard with my mama, holding my bucket as my mom picked up interesting pieces, washed them off and handed them to me. Her favorite was starfish which we would find dozens of, and display all over the house in wicker baskets. When cleaning up during my move, it was one of the things I grappled with. I got rid of most of the basket, but I kept a few starfish for her. Hopefully I can make a new bucket with someone one day, a little firecracker with strawberry blonde hair perhaps….

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