Return of the Mack… Bob Mackie fashion illustrations debut for fans, and a new generation

Earlier this week I went to the launch of Bob Mackie’s new collection of fashion illustrations, and I was treated to not only a colorful greeting, but a colorful display of artwork. Bob Mackie is famous for his amazing costumes, show looks, and his own collection, but last night was all about the art. A selection of reproductions taken from his vast archives (46 to be exact, in this first collection), stand out on their own accord, and much like the girls around me, I wandered around the room aimlessly, wondering which one screamed “me”.

Another girl had the same problem. “I really like the Urban Safari prints because it shows a strong woman, but I’m actually not that much of a diva.” Another which spoke to her feminine, stylish side wound up winning out.

I myself was drawn to the famous Carmen Miranda sketches, but ultimately Chiquita Banana and I were not written in the stars.

I instead, landed on Belle of the Ball, a gorgeous print of a woman in a long, flowing green gown. So luscious on paper, you could almost feel the layers and texture of the dress spilling out over the paper.

As we were leaving, it was pointed out to me , ‘you know she actually looks like you’. Upon further inspection, I realized it was true. “Ooh, red hair and in a bun, and also I LOVE green,” I exclaimed. “Oh my god, she IS me!”.. And turns out, she was. Or at least, she soon will be, when she’s hanging in my room.

You too can have your very own Bob Mackie mini me at Not only do the prints speak to your inner diva, style icon, or performer, each print is made to order, printed, matted and framed for it’s new owner. The collection is unique, fun, and above all, stylish. As Patricia Neal said so eloquently in Breakfast at Tiffanys, ‘I am a very stylish girl’…..


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2 Responses to Return of the Mack… Bob Mackie fashion illustrations debut for fans, and a new generation

  1. Malanb says:

    I am a huge fan of Bob Mackie. My favorite work from Bob maxkie is his Urban Safari illustration. Happy to hear that Mr Mackie is going strong and more people are exposed to his work!

  2. great choice! Love your review of the event!

    XO Sahra

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