Birds of a feather flock together….. feather accessories trend- Summer ’11

Cher finally started a trend that not only can I wear, but it’s actually filtering into the mainstream… ok, well not the mainstream, exactly, but it’s trendy, and on it’s way to completely acceptable in the fashion world, which is a huge start….

And I wasn’t on board till this past weekend in Fort Greene. Me and my friend bought one pair of Amazing long feather/hair accessories earrings and each of us took one, and put them in our ears accordingly. By that night, I was still rocking it, and getting complimented throughout the evening by trend-setters and fashionistas alike… When one girl exclaimed, those are amazing, but hmm are they heavy- I responded, nope, not at all, light as a feather….

Try your hand at feathers too with these….

feather earrings- $40

Or at this lovely Etsy shop where you have a variety of feather accessories

Click here for much, much more fun feather accessories at the etsy shop, LOVMELY ACCESSORIES SHOPO

TO read more features on how feathers are flocking to the fashionable, click here to read more at
INSPIRATION for this trend
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