SHARK Shooter… Bathing suits with BITE in Summer 2011

Every year, as summer rolls in, there are just certain things that follow, of which the very mention excites me.
Summer inevitably brings beach days, outdoor movies in the park (LOVE), the Philharmonic, (where we spend more time drinking wine and catching up then actually listening to the philharmonic), and then, in August, a very special week. Shark week on The Discovery Channel.
Every single year I get excited for shark week. Sharks terrify me, they scare me to my very core. When I was a little girl (and fearless like most children are), I would swim far out into the ocean, usually trying to get to the “end”, which I assumed was that very distinct line where the water hits the sky. The end of the water, right?
Today, at 30, I barely go past my knees. The only water I will swim in is tropical oceans, where it’s crystal clear and beautiful green and blue colors, and even then, I’m constantly looking around, waiting for a fin, and that famous John Williams score to start approaching me.
So interesting that the very thing which scares me the most, also fascinates me the most. Shark week is a given, like tasti delight on a hot night or the daily show every night at 11.
So in an attempt to bring that which scares me, closer to me, I found this amazing bathing suit at a discount store for $10, and had to get it right away! IF you can’t beat them, join them……













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