Buzzed… Thursday

  • Sometimes I get nervous when I see gynecological exams being sold on groupon websites….um really?? ewwwww……
  • I have officially spent my entire shopping quota for a few months in one week. Sample sales trick you into thinking you’re getting an amazing deal, which you are technically, when you spend $100 on something that was $385. But when you do that 4 or 5 times, in one week… Well, I don’t know who I think I am, or what family I was bore from, but lately I’ve been spending like I have a sugar daddy waiting to foot the bill. I don’t.  J crew, Tory Burch & DVF are my new besties. But I have taken a vow of celibacy starting today..Celibacy from shopping. I am officially stopping…. at least until the September issues come out….
  • On the other hand, sometimes I wonder, in my own morbid mind; We’re all gonna die anyway, so it is better to live it up and live a full, rich life while we’re here, OR… what’s the point since we’re all winding up in the same place?? It doesn’t matter what labels and brands you wore or coveted, when you’re six feet under… That is, unless they can bury me in my DVF…
  • I really, really want an easy bake oven.








  • I really love my brownie, but every once in a while, secretly, I crave a piece of chocolate cake.
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