Buzzed and back…. Tuesday

I’m still buzzed from my trip last weekend, even though my body is in rainy NYC. Today’s theme is my food and sunshine hangover- emphasis on the FOOD

  • Even though it was only for 2 days, I really miss my morning wake up view.






  • I’m not a sweets person at all, but damn, do I like me some key lime pie…

    The Key Lime pie at Sea Watch in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Or click here to buy the best key lime pie at Kermit's Key West Key Lime Shop... in case you want to buy me some and ship it to me!









  • Eating power lunch in K-Town is always more fun with friends that can order your Bimbop for you, without the waitress giving you a blank stare, and wondering what you just said…I don’t how to say it, but I know it’s delicious





  • EVERYTHING- and I do mean EVERYTHING – looks better with a Tan. Especially me.
  • What I splurged on last week: A $36 3 course dinner and burlesque show from daily candy deals.  I will take the BF, as I’m sure he will enjoy pastie covered breasts flying over his head while he dines, ALMOST as much as I do. $30 silk skort from the DVF sample sale, because I needed to purchase ONE thing to justify the amount of time I waited. $35 to repair a pair of sandals I love so much, I can’t bear to throw them away. The sandals cost me $15.

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