The Bee-Five- 5 fabEElous obsessions this week

The things we do for shrum burgers

1) My seasonal and reemerging Shake shack obsession.The masochistic need to stand on a ridiculous line, stacked like little tiny soldiers in a big park, awaiting the taste of a shrum burger and a vanilla shake. Oh, but how good it is…. With a casual setting, a warm day, and a  good friend in tow, this is the obvious destination. I can’t wait to get that big, awkward buzzer in my hand, sit at a slightly wobbly green table, and wait for that buzz. I know what comes next…..

2) Ceelo’s new song, bright lights, bigger city. Because it’s so good, my thumb hurts from hitting my rewind button on my ipod

I look at my pink ipod every day


3) Becoming the next Rachel Zoe. Because I can, and I will, starting Sunday with my very first photo shoot. Self planned, but still… And believing in yourself, which I don’t do a whole lot of, is the first step, right?

4) My new black and white striped pencil skirt that I bought from Forever 21 for $12. It’s not the best quality, but it sure is cute, and will last me through the summer. Stripes ahoy!

Click here to buy the cute notebook, and remind Yourself daily

5)  Keep calm and Carry on.I just put this picture up at my desk to remind me that every moment I have to do both of those things. Not easy. But possible.

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