Manhattan, I love You…. by HK Michaels - $12

I have to admit, today’s Daily Buzz was found by accident, but immediately after stumbling upon it, I realized I must share it w/ my fellow islanders.
Truthfully, the title- Manhattanitis— caught me first, and I needed to see the rest of the sentence.
The book is – Manhattanitis- An inflation of the brain that causes an absurd obsession with the island of Manhattan- 4 Stories of Manhattan Obsession, by H.K. Michaels.
After perusing a few pages on, I can tell I will enjoy it. And probably relate at bit, as I love “New Yorkey” books, especially, also one of my favorite authors, Sloane Crosley.
And any native islanders like myself will also tell you, sometimes you’re even surrounded by more of a bubble then if you were born in a small town, or suburb. I didn’t even realize that other states existed till I went away to college in Pennsylvania. So apparently, I have been battling this illness for some years now….
Perhaps the only cure now is meeting someone worthy of taking me to another state… or country…..

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