Tom’s Shoes- Making a real difference…. fashionably

Tom's Shoes- Spring 11 ---

Yesterday I missed posting about something, that ironically, I had bookmarked, tagged, and planned for almost 2 weeks. But life got in the way, and I wasn’t able to share it. So, although, too little, too late comes to my mind, I’m going to post on it anyway- Yesterday was Toms Shoes 4th annual “day without Shoes”. The idea behind this is that, through events, kits, and individual action, awareness will be raised to the kids all around the world, who every day, not just once a year, go barefoot; shoe-less.

I am a huge fan of Tom’s Shoes, especially the face and creator behind them; Blake Mycosie. He is, to me, an amazing person who is not only a brilliant entrepreneur, but truly devoted to his cause, and actually making a tangible, visible difference.(God, aren’t Blake’s just great? 🙂

Even though Day without Shoes is over,  doesn’t mean we all still can’t do our part. Tom’s shoes have since become synonymous with comfortable, “flat” fashion, almost replacing the perpetual Ked. And why not- The shoes are cute, versatile, and for spring, not only come in a variety of colors, but now also come in different styles! Check out the cute wedges, and add to your fabulous wardrobe, while also promoting a good cause. Now, that’s really fashionable.

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One Response to Tom’s Shoes- Making a real difference…. fashionably

  1. Rachel says:

    I love the Toms black wedges! They look so comfortable! I want a pair for Spring 🙂

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