Sheer Lengths of Genius…. sheer maxi skirts and dresses you can wear out

Little did I know that my long time habit of wearing very long skirts as dresses, a sort of sloppy chic look I put together, in an effort to save clothes, but not ever skim on style, has now actually it’s own niche in fashion. One particular white DKNY skirt which I wore a lot last summer belted as a dress, usually to people asking me, um isn’t that your skirt, was so see through I had to wear a slip underneath- also as a dress to make a modest woman out of me. This was usually followed by taunts from my man varying from, “I can see right through that!”, to “put leggings on underneath that please!” AH, for shame!!!

But now, (sorry honey), I will actually be able to rock this look, all in one piece, without  fidgeting around my closet for a random slip. Although this look has been out for a while, I WILL fully admit, I only happily discovered it recently and I absolutely cannot wait to start rocking the one I just purchased from for around $20. Since this is a style best rocked w/o tights, I’ll have to wait till it gets a bit warmer. But either way, I’m still riddled with SHEER excitement….

Sheer black overlay Midi skirt- Miss Selfridges - $20 roughly

Sheer paisley Maxi skirt- - $28

Free People Cream Maxi dress-- $40













Or, to save some pennies— Try a DIY version — Tips on how to perfect this here

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