Make Some Waves… w/ scallop accents hot for Spring/Summer 11

A favorite look of mine, that doesn’t seem to ever get enough play is making some headway this spring – the Scallop accent is a sharp and crisp design, usually more on a classic, clean look, but when used appropriately, can also add some trendy edge to an item.

Displaying a more Uptown Chic look, this DIOR Dress w/ matching jacket is on my fantasy wish list- I just love the crisp lines and lady like style.  Or go the other route, with a cute pair of downtown shorts.

Either way, this is a design that definitely makes some waves… literally

LUXURY CHIC-- White scalloped V neck dress w/ Jacket - DIOR - Saks- $2000, $2400- Jacket

BEE CHIC - my Take- ASOS Pique Chelsea Scalloped Shift Dress $80.69

LUXURY CHIC- Missoni scallop edge Briga shorts- Boutique 1- $514

BEE CHIC- Gabriella Rocha scallop shorts- on sale $47.20

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