You See Right through Me…

When dealing with real life friends, spouses, significant others and family, no one wants to seem transparent. The phrase, I can “see right through you”, is not usually a positive connotation, and usually that means you are either easy to read, wear “it” on your sleeve, or the worst trait of all – predictable. If anyone ever called me predictable, or transparent it would be grounds for dismissal.

But when it comes to style, sometimes, the more transparent and see through, the better, and for Spring a whole new angle to the sheer theme has come before us with fabrics in lace, Mesh, chiffon and cut-outs or paneling accents to add that extra something.

Here are a few stand-outs, including this cute, different take on a plain gray sweatshirt that I just picked up from Loehmanns– I wore it last week with skinny navy pants and boots, and of course a strapless bra. When it comes to this style, sheer is TOPS, but sometimes, the less you see, the better…….

gray sweatshirt w/ netted overlay - JACK- $24.99- Loehmanns

Black Mesh Panel Dress- Miss Selfridges- $62

EVIL TWIN Mesh Tunic- on sale $35.40

Faun Sheer floral blouse- $35.00


Wildfox Sparkley Skeleton Sequin Surf Raglan- - $148

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  1. chapter18 says:

    Great material.

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