Put your loving hands out baby… say it with words- love jewelry that makes a statement

Ok,I am still on a love high.Like I said,although I will admit I am a pretty sappy,romantic person,I don’t give a huge hoot and holler about valentines day as a holiday in general-But then again, I’m never one for following the crowd. Yet still, the love theme of the moment lingers on my lips-Mine was lovely, but low key indeed,with just enough dinner and flowers to keep me happy and quiet, but I’m less inclined for chocolates and bears, and thinking more about all the ways I can dress up myself in loving vibes…

I have been in love with the Elsa Peretti line for Tiffanys since college, and though the ubiquitous heart tag logo bracelet still sits lovingly in my jewelry box, my style has evolved a bit,although, I am still gaga for that little blue box. I just love this one Love necklace, and I am still teetering between waiting to ever receive it as a present, or just rewarding myself for something (I’m SURE I can think of something!)

- Tiffanys Sterling Silver Love necklace- $175.00


I also fortunately,or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, found this amazing website that has an entire LOVE collection and I have spent the last few days wondering which angle to go with for the rationalization of my purchases…

This line is the bees neez in my opinion,but if your rationale isn’t quite as flexible as mine, you can also check out this also amazing but less expensive one…

After all, who doesn’t like a little love in their hands- I’ll take it in any form…

Luxury Chic-- Avanessi Love bracelet- $758.00


BEE CHIC-- Jennifer Miller love anklet/bracelet - $95.00


Avanessi Love ring gold- $288.00

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