what a SUPER man….

One of my best traits, (and for me, one of my most challenging) is my love of giving personally suited gifts to friends, boyfriends and loved ones for holidays, and yes, sometimes, even just because, a holiday that in recent years, seems to have fallen awry, but one in which I occasionally still revel in.

With Valentines Day coming up, obviously I am Not at a loss and though my gifts might sometimes be more meaningful to me, then the receiver, still I excite in the moment when the surprise will be revealed.

For those of you who also excite in the reveal, but less inclined in the picking, why not go the creative route this year… Copious Productions will design, illustrate, personalize and package your very own comic book  for that special someone in your life.

And as an extra bonus, it can be the one night you can call him your hero, and really mean it…


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