What goes around comes around

I am usually more of a private person, definitely old school, preferring Vhs to Dvd, flip phone to blackberry, and I’ve been known to flail my hands about when trying to look at something on an I phone- that whole touch screen thing hasn’t really been fully realized by my virgin hands quite yet….

However, as we continue into the 21rst century, I now realize I must continue with it and stop fighting it- I have been involved w/ fashion for as long back as I can remember, back to when I was a little girl, drawing moles onto my cheek w/ my mom’s black eyeliner pen, and standing on a chair in her closet, while I pulled down boxes full of vintage clothes, all designer. Imagine my despair and sorrow when I would bring a certain picture to her attention, only for her to tell me, good god, where did you find that picture, I don’t have that dress anymore….

Let me just say this right now— ladies- never throw anything designer away – ever, even noting the if you haven’t worn it in 2 years rule, b/c one day, far from now in a land far, far away, your unborn daughter will look at a picture of you wearing that exact thing, and at this point, it will be vintage, maybe even a classic, and will you be able to live w/ yourself as she slumps away teary eyed after hearing you got rid of that amazing Tracey Reese jacket, or Tory Burch tunic and Reva flats ? Better to not even find out.

There is an absolutely amazing dress I found one particular time, and to my excitement somehow this one had, in all these years, stayed in the keep pile. It is a leopard print one shoulder Fiorucci dress from the 1970’s, that is elegant and yet trendy and contradicts itself as it is almost classic in theme, and yet funky all at the same time. The best part is after digging it out, after years of comfortable closet living, I could easily wear it out tonight and it would fit in like a glove, perfectly fitting with the trend and look – Almost perfectly, it fits every component – Not only is it a maxi dress, the go-to dress of last Spring, which I feel will still be ubiquitous this Spring ’11, it’s leopard, a trend that manages to still have staying power- and it’s one shoulder. I walked into H&M yesterday and was inundated w/ one shoulder dresses maxi print dresses, but none of them looked like this.

That is the true testament to fashion in itself, that no matter what, something your mother wore in 1973 you, as a 30 year old could put on tomorrow for a Saturday night out, and not only would it work, it would stand out for all the right reasons.

Now, if I could just zip it up….. Fashion might be cyclical, but clearly genetics are not

Rachel Bilson in Roberto Cavalli


Larissa in vintage Fiorucci


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One Response to What goes around comes around

  1. Larissa says:

    LOVE IT!!! The story is really funny! Good job Pooks!Way to go! 🙂

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